Monday, April 13, 2015


In a feeble attempt at humor Saturday, I said a walk in the park always relaxed me, even in Washington, D.C., and showed this picture.

I started thinking about that and about what people would think: there he is in the nation's capital, right outside of Congress, and he's lying down on the job!

So, I decided to take back my dignity and show you that I wasn't always such a goof-off. In fact, I had been working so hard I was just a bit tired.

So there. Your true hero back on his feet in front of the Capitol (and in front of legendary photographer and friend Steve Torbeck) doing my job like any self-respecting news reporter. I have no idea what fool's mission had taken us to the District of Columbia but suffice it to say we had a good time.

Oh and, by the way, you might have noticed the two spellings of a word that sounds alike. I checked (Googled) it. Capital, with a second a is the correct spelling of the city in which the capitol, with an o, is located.

Told you I worked hard.


Thérèse said...

50 state capitals... but I am a little bit confused with capitols, not all states have a capitol.. that's the part of US history which is hard for me to get. That doesn't prevent you of having two great pictures of you in front of the Capitol in the Capital.

Stephen Hayes said...

I learned the difference between Capitol and Capital the hard way back in high school. Same with principle and principal.

Jager said...

The corduroy jacket is a nice touch and your beard predates Chuck Todd, who by the way, isn't half the reporter you were. (are?)

Tom Cochrun said...

Eventually stand ups had to be shot from the swamp or holding area and crews were not allowed on the grounds without a gallery pass. I too was able to shoot from non restricted areas, but eventually we did our work at the stand up alley.

Steve, south of you said...

Where have all the double-knit bellbottoms gone????
Long time passing...