Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My baseball buddy Steve invited me to Phoenix last week for a Diamondbacks baseball game. I hadn't been to the old ball park for quite awhile so it was a treat. But we were both in for a surprise.

Midway through the game I was nudged and then handed a gift.

While we were watching the baseball game, a caricaturist who signs his name "Roger Pops" was watching me!

Apparently he does this at baseball games, unobtrusively sketching people at the ball games, then putting the finished product in a mylar cover and giving it to the subject.

You can just barely see his hands at work here down at the end of our row, beyond the fellow keeping score.

I took a photo of him later but to my great disappointment accidentally deleted it when I got home.

During the period between innings at the games the cameras scan the stands looking for something to put on the Jumbotron screen. With Steve and I holding up the picture next to my head and mugging and waving, one of the cameramen spotted us and there we were for our 15 minutes (more like a few seconds) of fame on the big screen for every one else in the stadium to see.  It was a kick.

Thanks Roger and thanks Steve!


  1. Waiting for that foul ball.

  2. Cool sketch and great story. Sorry to have missed you and Steve on the Kiss Cam!

  3. That is very cool. I though you were going to say you got a foul ball...every kids baseball game dream...and then handed it to a nearby kid.

  4. And you somehow reminded me of a story.

  5. What a kick indeed! So much time to use during a baseball game.


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