Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I may have said this before but I'll say it again. April and May get really busy around here.

Today is the day we commemorate the birth of a beautiful woman. I refer to her as SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). Her eldest daughter refers to her as The M (The Mother). She answers to Judy. Or Judith, her given name. Around the house I call her Honey or Dearie. I used to call her JG, which are her given initials for Judith Gayle. But I used to joke that they stood for Judy Girl.

All in all, through thick and thin, as the saying goes, she's been by my side for . . . a few years. More than I can believe some times.

My dad really liked her.

And so do I.

Happy Birthday to my wife.

Scottsdale art fair

A gypsy girl, at Halloween

A somewhat later Halloween

In Northern Arizona, (posing for Vogue?)

In our courtyard in Guadalajara

Enjoying the high mountain air in Innsbruck, Austria

This one belongs on a dust jacket

Pretty in pink at one of her daughter's fabulous brunches

The fashion plate, celebrating one year ago

Tuckered out

She's a good one.  I think I'll keep her.

(BTW, her email address is


  1. Nice composite of Judy through the ages! Your birthdays are close together! Happy Birthday Judy. Live long and prosper!

  2. She is indeed a great woman. Beautiful, elegant, talented and especially sainted for her years of enduring your brand of gusto and madness! As we have said before, you guys are our inspiration.

  3. A beautiful woman at any age. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, Judy. Bruce, you often mention BRD as the older daughter, but nary a word about the youngest. My apologies if it is a forbidden subject.

    1. She lives in Oregon and does not communicate.

  5. Happy birthday to the fabulous SWMBO! We know she's fabulous because she hangs out with you :)

  6. Continued long life and happiness!

  7. Happy Birthday SWMBO! (Boy, Bruce, did you ever "marry up"! Lucky man. :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Great celebratory post!

  9. What a great bunch of pictures! Hope the birthday was a happy one!

  10. Happy birthday to Judy and congratulations to you both for still being a happy couple - a lot of of obeying, loving and honoring on both sides, right?

  11. Great set of portraits. Happy birthday SWMBO!


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