Monday, May 4, 2015


Over the past several weeks we have been banned from sitting on our front patio because a pair of Warblers had built a nest and begun a new brood. We have patiently watched the birds fly to and from the nest, perch on it and then, once the eggs that had been laid began to hatch, waited somewhat patiently for sights of the new babies.

One day recently I finally saw one of the new fledglings sitting on a table directly in front of our front windows.

It appeared fearless as I took many pictures through the window. It even stayed put as the watchful Blackwell got as close to the window as he could.

One of it's parents arrived with something for it to eat. 

It stayed on the table for a long time, stretching its wings, seeming to get the feel of its own body.

Eventually it flew to the ground where it stayed even longer as its parents fluttered back and forth around it. And then it flew away.

But a day later a second one appeared and the two seemed confused as they fluttered about. First one, then the other perched on a wire of lights hung for my party recently and there they sat, side by side.

Finally they were gone, off to find adventure in their new world.

And we got our front patio back. 

At least for awhile.


Stephen Hayes said...

It must have been fun watching and waiting for these little guys to launch themselves into the world.

Tom Cochrun said...

What a neat wildlife adventure right there on your patio. Well done. You seem to be channeling Marlin Perkins.

Lowandslow said...'s nice to watch life begin. May they live well and prosper. :)

Steve said...

You had a birds eye view (grin).

Thérèse said...

Lucky warblers who got a chance for a happy life because of your haven.
Happy pictures!

The Bug said...

Aw I love that picture of the two of them perched on the string of lights :)