Monday, June 15, 2015


I have recently learned that we should have one of those huge signs that states, in very black letters, capitalized with an exclamation point, kind of like this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

What brings this to mind was an elderly couple (well, elderly like me, probably) driving very slowly past the front of my house in a bright blue Volkswagen Beetle convertible the other day. Wondering if they were looking for someone that I might be able to help them with, I stepped out. They backed up and the man asked me if I had seen the bobcat. 

"Bobcat?", said I. "No. Where?"

He said there had been a bobcat sitting in either my front yard or my neighbor's the night before and that it had then turned and leaped over the wall between our houses and disappeared.


Now another neighbor who works nights and comes home in the early, early morning had told me once that if I was up very early I might see bobcats, deer, coyotes, javelinas (wild pigs), and assorted other wildlife just walking down the alley between the houses or in the middle of the street. But I never have. Seen any of them or been up that early.

Oh, wait. One time a couple of months ago when SWMBO and I had been on a rare nightime outing and were coming home after dark our car's headlights had picked up a coyote at the side of the road. But that was in a ravine, not real near to houses.

Back to the fellow in the VW. He was a chatterer. He told me had lived in 31 different places in his life, around the United States and in Europe and Asia and he believed this was the best place he'd ever been. When I admired his car, he said it was his wife's toy. I jokingly said to her "but he doesn't let you drive it, eh?"

They laughed and he said that she calls him her chauffer.

He also said that they had been married for 62 years and that she was a Texas girl who he had chased and chased and chased until finally she caught him!

Anyway, he asked if I had any small animals. I replied that we had two cats but they were "inside cats" and he said "don't let them out or that bobcat will get 'em. They go after cats, rabbits, even small dogs."

Later, it occurred to me that I should alert my neighbor, a lady who lives alone but is presently caring for two medium-sized dogs. She was quite surprised about the bobcat but then told me that she had come home fairly late one night recently after attending a play and saw a pronghorn (frequently and mistakenly referred to as an antelope) standing in her front yard.


I'd have loved to have seen that. Or even the bobcat. Through a window from inside my house.

I did see a herd of cows in the savannah the other day. And I occasionally see a cottontail or a jackrabbit. But that's been about it so far this year.  SWMBO has been mourning the absence of "her" bunnies. Last year she had a steady group of them in our yard that she was feeding with carrots and lettuce. But this year none at all.

Maybe the bobcat got 'em.


L Lewis said...

And was there a Pomeranian in that blue VW? Nice old couple. In 2B, the coyotes are known to dance in the sprinklers in the park late at night. I have seen javelina very early in the morning in 2B.

Catalyst said...

Yep, apparently they live right around the corner from you.

Sharon Anck said...

There's all kinds of wildlife up there in the mountains. Of course, there's all kinds of wildlife down here too but most of it is on two legs. But this did make me think about my blogging friend who lives in London but has a fox that visits his yard all the time. Given the fox hunting history in England, I guess the foxes are safer in the city than in the countryside.
Thanks to the link on your post about the Russian Sage. I've probably seen those plants plenty of times over the years but never saw them blooming before. They really are pretty.

joeh said...

Bobcat sighting...rabbits missing...hmmm I think your conclusion is on point.

Tom Cochrun said...

Great post, nice slice of life there on your lane. Suggest you set your alarm and spend some early am or late pm viewing.
We have bobcats here, as well as coyotes, wild turkeys, deer (too many) skunk, raccoons, gophers, fox, squirrels all of which we have seen. Cougar and brown bear. I've heard a cougar at night but no sighting. The nearest bear was two miles and on another ridge. Because of the wildlife here, our cats stay close and of course are in at night. The scariest moment was one night when I was sitting in the spa, watching the meteors when a large skunk came waddling down the steps from the top of the back hill garden to the low area where I was. What to do? I sat extraordinarily still until it passed and headed toward the compost on the other side of the fence!

Stephen Hayes said...

Here's hoping the bobcat didn't get 'em. I've seen a bobcat in our neighborhood and I wouldn't want to tangle with one.

Lowandslow said...

We had a bobcat in my old neighborhood, lured there no doubt because of a nearby nearly-dry creek full of tasty morsels. He ran across the road once and I had to slam on my brakes to miss inches! A few days later I saw his carcass on the road. Sad, I thought, as he was just trying to survive, too.

Steve said...

I have seen badgers, deer, foxes, hedge hogs, beavers and other critters in this patch of the area, No Bobcats.

The Bug said...

This post makes our groundhog sighting seem tame!