Monday, June 22, 2015


Regular readers of this blog may recall SWMBO's struggles with her Christmas Cactus, which was showing real signs of life around St. Patrick's Day. You can re-read that short post here.

Eventually she placed the cactus out on the back patio and just look at it now.

Apparently it is more cactus than Christmas as it has burst into bloom in the high 90 degree temperatures of recent days.

The blossoms are beautiful to behold. The BRD's plant bloomed properly at Christmas last year but its blossoms were white. These are all this gorgeous orange-red color.

It's kind of nice to have Christmas during this pre-monsoon period of intense heat.


  1. My mom would have named that a "Surprise Cactus!"

  2. I think to have it bloom at Christmas there is a period of time that it gets shut in a closet or put in the garage for dormancy. You'd have to google it. There was one of these in my dad's nursing home in Michigan that was 4' high and 5' wide. A joy to behold at Christmas.

  3. At least it bloomed sometime this year. Maybe it's a Solstice Plant.

  4. That cactus is breathtaking!


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