Friday, June 12, 2015

die Freitag Funnies

So, all of you German students out there will understand the title of today's post translates to . . . the Friday Funnies!

And after that historical and educational post about General Lew Wallace yesterday, that means it's time to lower the level.  Here goes!

Here's a t-shirt for my pal up in Montana who blogs as Should Fish More, when he's not fly fishing.

To those of you who hate puns, that one is my last.

O.K. So I lied. But that pun really is my last one. (This week.) They give me a certain . . . feeling. I can't really define it. Or can I?

Or maybe it's . . .

What the hell was this sign painter thinking?

Maybe an acronym for Shut Off The Power??? At any rate, he must have been embarrassed.

What I don't like about hikes:

Actually, what I don't like about camping:

Yesterday I was reading other people's blogs and ran across one by the proprietor of Cranky Old Man who was complaining about his new hummingbird feeder that goes completely empty overnight. The hummers that come to our feeder scold and scold if anyone is sitting out in the immediate area. I don't speak hummingbird. A squirrel, now, he would just tell you when he has a complaint.

Isn't he polite? Unlike me, I'm afraid.

Oh well. I've got to go take a shower. For some reason my cat doesn't seem to like it when I do that.

And that's all, my friends. Thanks to all of my contributors (and theft victims), have a fantastic weekend and always keep laughing.


Should Fish More said...

Sehr gut, und sehr spassig.

Catalyst said...


joeh said...

Loved the fishing tee shirt, but I think Mike is a purist and fly fishes...I'm guessing no spinning reel for him.

azttttommy said...

A note for your Cranky Old Man: If his hummingbird feeders are being emptied overnight, it's probably not squirrels.

Catalyst said...

Fascinating. I alerted joeh to this.

Catalyst said...

I believe you're right.

joeh said...

We do have bats in this area, I see them at dusk feeding on insects all the time. I'll have to experiment a bit and take the feeder in at night. However I know others in this area who do not have a bat issue.

Thanks Bruce and aztttommy!

Stephen Hayes said...

Funny, and often it does hurt holding in sarcasm.

Steve said...

Nice squirrel.

The Bug said...

I guess I won't be going to the Great Wall anytime soon - I don't think I could wait that long!