Friday, June 26, 2015

(the return of) THE FRIDAY FUNNIES

My fellow smartphone addicts, today's edition has a common theme. See if you can detect what it is.

It's an unhappy commentary on modern life with a funny slant. Thanks to my contributors, have a great weekend, pray for some rain in Arizona (and California) and remember to always keep laughing!


  1. I have a cheap mobile that stays in the car in case of an emergency. No smart phone and will probably die before I get one.

  2. Almost like Steve....I had a smartphone until I retired, I tossed it in favor of a cheapo flip up, only my kids know the number.

  3. Funny stuff.
    Still like my I-phone for net convenience and as a back up camera, but I observe old fashioned manners and keep it in my pocket when with friends, at dinners, parties and the like. Plus, no selfies.

  4. Yes sad, but thanks for also making it funny.

  5. Oh boy, I'm so guilty of all of that! Mike & I were eating out last night & there was no wifi AND MY PHONE HAD NO BARS! I was forced to people watch like I used to (because Mike's phone did work so there was no talking to him - ha!). Actually, though, he has a hard time hearing in noisy restaurants so we've never spent much time talking when we go out to eat :)


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