Wednesday, July 22, 2015


SWMBO decided to clean up the garage today. This consists of her moving stuff around and coming, repeatedly, to ask me to move the car out, bring the garbage dumpster in, call a thrift store to see if they'd take an old 12 inch television set, warm up her cup of tea, etc., etc.

Now I don't mean to complain. I'm happy to do these things for her (us).

The last thing she asked was to bring into the house a tall cat tree that hasn't been used for years. It's in pretty ratty condition but the cats loved it once upon a time and the small scratching post in the house is in even worse condition.

So with some exertion unfit for a man of my years I brought the abominable thing in.

She told me to place it sort of over by the window and once I got it in place she said "that's perfect."

As I was leaving the room, knowing what I'd see, I glanced back over my shoulder.

Yep! SWMBO moved it. About a quarter of an inch. Oh, well, whatever makes her happy.

A minute or so later she came by my den to tell me that within five seconds Blackwell had jumped up into the cubbyhole in the tree.

He stayed put while I grabbed a couple of pictures. Looks like he's found his spot. At least for a short time until he grows bored with it.

At least it's better than the bathroom vanity. As I was walking down the hall this morning he came on a dead run, slipped into the bathroom and leaped up to the vanity right in front of me.

I yelled "Hey!" and he jumped down and took off for another part of the house. 

Just happy that I'm awake, I guess.


  1. In Boston our neighbor in our building hand a nice big old Tabby cat. If we left our door open a crack, the big fat girl would sneak in and claim our bathroom sink. Only the cat-gods know why.

  2. Bruce, good for you. Don't over do it.

  3. I don't think the thing looks ratty, it looks pretty good...except it should be move to the left about a quarter of an inch.

  4. I hope Blackwell enjoys his new home, and doesn't tire of it.

  5. The exertion was probably good for you.


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