Thursday, July 23, 2015


What was called, back in the day (1972), the "glamour shot". It was taken at a professional photography studio in order to mark my arrival as a news reporter at was then KTAR-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. The call letters were changed to KPNX-TV some years later.

I don't know how glamorous this photo was, considering that weird Lincoln-esque beard I was wearing at the time. I do know that a couple of my bosses were against me wearing it because I was going to be on the air but no one had the courage to tell me to shave it off.

Nowadays, HR would protect it. And besides, facial hair is in once again.

Matt Lauer

Ron Burgundy

Stephen Colbert

David Letterman

Maybe I was just ahead of my time!


L Lewis said...

I didn't know you were Amish. Visiting in Lancaster County PA all the men have beards like yours. Frankly, I think a beard and mustache make David Letterman look 102.

Tom Cochrun said...

You could have told us the photo was a shot of a tenor in the St Olaf Choir. None the less you look like a mere lad from a hirsute clan.

Steve said...

Interesting, to say the least.

joeh said...

You'd have trouble getting on a plane today with that chin-strap.

Stephen Hayes said...

I think you were ahead of your time. I just commented to Mrs. C. the other day that facial hair was making a comeback. I have facial hair because I'm too lazy to shave every day.

Sharon Anck said...

I was here in 1972 so I'm trying to remember if I saw you on TV. I probably did. Love that beard!