Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My friend, the Rufous Towhee, was back at the bird bath catching a drink recently.

My California Hoosier pal, Tom C., noted with a name like Rufous Towhee, he sounds like a blues man from Memphis.

He certainly drinks like one.

And his distinctive call sounds like one, too.

This morning I got a couple of better pictures of him.

When he knows (somehow) that I'm photographing him he doesn't stick around long.

Here he's about to depart.

Up at the hummingbird feeder, I caught one yesterday but his wings were moving so fast he's pretty much a blur.

Back at the birdbath it's a constant parade in the mornings and evenings.

The goldfinches, who nearly always come in pairs.

A damned dumb dove.

And an interloper of a different species.

Oops, just spotted this fellow on the flagstone beneath the birdbath.

Waiting for spillage, no doubt.

Never a dull moment in Catalyst's back yard.


  1. We put our old birdbath next to the pond in the lower to watch the birds make a choice of where to have a drink. The Red Tailed Hawk stops in for a drink and the "bars" clear out. The canyon bad ass.

  2. Your bath is as busy as an African water hole.

  3. A regular "Wild Kingdom."

    I think doves are stupid too, not sure why.

    Rufous Towhee love that name, and yes does sound like a Blues Singer.

  4. Wild is the area there. How often do you have to clean out the bath?

    1. Whenever it turns black. Maybe once every six weeks or so.

  5. Nice to observe.
    un petit coucou de Lausanne Switzerland.

  6. Tom's right: it does sound like a blues name.

  7. It's a parade of activity in your back yard.
    I looked at your photo from the art museum, not bad at all. It's a tough place to take photos. I see the second photo you had was of the same room I posted a year ago. You also had lots of other photos of some of my favorite pieces. I do enjoy going there.

  8. Your back yard is just as busy as ours is!