Saturday, August 1, 2015


Nice piece of music to go along with a great story by Larry McMurtry and acting by Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane, Angelica Huston and many others.


  1. Just reread "Streets of Laredo" McMurtry's follow up to Lonesome Dove...fine book. Read his "Duane's Depressed" One to of his Last Picture Show series...funny and a great read.

  2. The Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones companionship in Lonesome Dove is classic!

  3. I recently heard an interview on NPR, the Tavis Smiley broadcast with Duvall. He said he considers 'Lonesome Dove' his best work of his career. I think it's easily the best miniseries ever on TV.
    McMurtry is certainly a prolific writer, I think some of his work is far better than others. Interestingly he says that after his open heart surgery of some years back he feels his personality changed, and affected his writing.
    And dove breasts in a caper and lemon sauce......

  4. Coming up in my Netflix queue are Tommy Lee Jones in The Homesman (2014) and Robert Duvall in A Night in Old Mexico (2014). Both Westerns.

  5. Never saw Lonesome Dove. I can probably get it on CD.

  6. Love the series, will watch it again.



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