Monday, September 21, 2015


Yesterday I mentioned that there was a Kennel Club dog show going on at the Prescott Valley Event Center and promised you some pictures from it.

So . . .

Nice hairdo but this may be why I prefer cats.

Ah, that's better.

Does anyone know where my tail went?

Heh-heh. That's what we were thinking.

I told you to just keep your mouth shut and stay out of it.

You look mah-velous, dah-ling.

Not as good as me, of course, but still . . .

See. I'm leaving them alone. Gimme another Greenie.

Uh, what about me? Huh? Huh?

Mutt: "Man, I'm bored. Can we go home soon?"

Jeff:  "Just be patient, pal, I think that lady with the Greenies is coming."

So ends my teensie look at the dog show.



Steve said...

That is a dog gone good post.

joeh said...

I love watching the Westminster Show on TV. I think the judging is bs, so subjective and my favorite the Labrador or the Golden never wins...still like to watch.

Stephen Hayes said...

They say that dogs know when they do well at dog shows. I wonder....

Tom Cochrun said...

As a comedy writer you've gone to the dogs. Sorry, I know it can be a bitch of a job, readers hounding you for clever lines. Just bark back at us, we won't think of you as a cur.