Saturday, September 26, 2015


If it's an autumn Saturday in Arizona, there has to be a car show.

This one was in the parking lot outside Sally B's Cafe in Prescott Valley.

Contrary to what you may think, Sally wasn't catering. This Chevy owner brought his own display to remind us of the days of car hops on roller skates.

There were cars and trucks of seemingly every make and description.

This lovely T-bird has been supercharged. Look under the hood.

It wasn't the only one.

This next one had power in the trunk.

Those twin Kenwood speakers are sure to announce that car's arrival. Loudly.

I'm always fascinated by the paint jobs.

Even Passionate Pink!

My grandfather bought several Studebakers before his eyesight got too bad for him to drive. I can remember racing one of his one night side by side on a two-lane highway. Stupid. But I won.

And I can remember a Mercury something like this one when I was a kid. The guy who owned it used to drive slowly around our small town, slumped down at the wheel, sneering out the window. Cool.

There's a big 3-day Corvette show going on up the road in Prescott. I guess this guy got confused. Or maybe ran out of gas. (Love the dual rear windows.)

And then there were the really oldies-but-goodies.

Hard to believe that this one is 80 years old! But still young at heart apparently.

Not like this next guy.

I haven't worked on cars since I had my 1948 Chevy back in the late 1950's. Nowadays I'd need a degree in computer engineering to fix anything under the hood.


  1. Always assuming you can find your way under all that packaging they cover everything under the bonnet (hood) with.

  2. Have never seen a Corvette with dual windows in the rear. Great coverage of the many makes and models.

  3. Great looking rods. Those flame and pinstripe painters do neat stuff.

  4. I'm not a car guy, but it's easy to appreciate these as works of art. The color and designs are incredible. So much more interesting than today's cars.

  5. Just got my 89 Porsche 911 out of the shop and it runs nice. I bought it new.

  6. Love those old car shows, and I hear that because of the dry climate Arizona is the place for vintage cars in mint condition.

  7. Great coverage! Makes me feel old when I recognize an antique car that I remember on the streets when I was a kid! Oh if I had only kept my 1968 Mustang!

  8. Damn, some nice rides. That first one, the Red Big Boy, is a fine one. The '55 also, and I liked the Studebaker also, drove a 63 pickup all summer that year.


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