Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This scene sort of resembles a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) match.

Blackwell reigns and rests in the chair.

Muggles lies on the floor after being flattened.

But it wasn't that way.

It's just afternoon nap time.

Blackwell has found the chair to be comfortable for her snooze.

And Muggles, as is her way, collapses on the floor on her back.

At least part of her. 

Her top half appears to be on it's side but her bottom half rests facing the ceiling, with her rear feet poised.

I've never understood how cats can sleep on their backs but Muggles does it frequently.

By the way, that tube behind her on the floor is her favorite toy, packed with catnip. It's pretty stale now, I would assume, but she still plays with it.

Probably out of habit.

Like her sleeping posture.

Ho-hum. This post has made ME sleepy. Guess I'll join the felines in a bit of a nap.


Jager said...

My kids had a Persian named Puffin, She would climb up on the sofa slump back on a pillow and sleep sitting up, the feline equivalent of an old lady falling asleep on the sofa with her robe hanging open and her legs spread wide. The girls called it Puffin's slut nap.

joeh said...

Nothing like a good catnap

Anonymous said...

Catalyst the cat man.


Tom Cochrun said...

As our Hemingway demonstrates, it's hard work napping that much.

Stephen Hayes said...


Lucy said...

Muggles has a lovely tummy. If you photographed her in that position then turned it round as if she was standing up it would like she was playing tennis or something.

Still laughing at Jager's 'Puffin's slut nap' !