Saturday, September 12, 2015


Last March 10th I took some photos of new construction around StoneRidge, where we live.

Workmen were busily working on this new house, though if you click on the photo to expand it and look closely near the center you can see a couple of them taking a break in the shade.

Yesterday, I ventured out to find the home finished and occupied.

Even more startling was the change in what in March was just a vacant lot being cleared, leveled and surveyed.

As of yesterday, another house had been constructed and the lot landscaped.

It appears to be a modest house from this angle but look at it from the other side.

I can't remember and my earlier photographs don't tell me if the house between these two had been built in March. 

Now it joins the other in looking down on the StoneRidge golf course and the mountains beyond from it's cliff edge position.

Their view:

The song goes "What a difference a day makes . . ."

In this case it's what a difference six months makes.


Steve said...

Big bucks is all you need to build it, and more of them to maintain it.

Jager said...

Nothing like an expanse of bright green turf in the desert.

joeh said...

Wow that nice little house sure grows from the other view.

Stephen Hayes said...

Those are impressive homes. I wouldn't want to maintain a house that size, and the cost of running AC must be a killer. Great views, though.

Catalyst said...

I must add that those are the BIG houses. We live (and rent) in a small cottage. Same development, different house size.

Val said...

STONE Ridge? I might have a buyer for those rocks...