Friday, October 16, 2015


That music!

Do you hear it?

Is that "Hail to the Chief"?

No, no, no.

It's "Hail to the Friday Funnies!"

And to the continuing saga of how cats and dogs stay warm.

The control on the left is set to "Toast the Cat".

These little rascals are risking a slow burn.

The rest of these, cats AND dogs, are looking for warmth in the light.

Then there's artificial light.

And THIS cat even climbed into the lizard's cage to share his warm light.

Before we go, a reminder about the upcoming Special Day.

Still laughing?


Have a great weekend!


Inspiringimagesaz said...

Sunlight is always good for a warm nap.

joeh said...

Dogs in the sunlight...the best!

Tom said...

They are some of the best. Thank you Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Warmth is always nice. Saying from a wet and cold Germany.


Lowandslow said...

My dog didn't make it to obedience school graduation either. He's a wonderful dog, but I suspect if he were a human he would have a reserved seat on the "special needs" bus. But I love him! :)

The Bug said...

Ha! Love the light theme. We have TWO coupons for Halloween candy - that way we can buy more when we eat the first bag. See? It's truth, not comedy. Well, it's both :)

L Lewis said...

Great line up!

Stephen Hayes said...

Lots of laughs here, especial the cat obedience graduation cartoon.

Sharon Anck said...

Good ones! I'm smiling!

Val said...

That cat is going to take longer to cook than a Thanksgiving turkey!