Monday, October 19, 2015


The day started with fog.

By the time SWMBO fired up the barbecue grill, the sky was gray, the wind brisk and the day crisp.

Was this, then, the end of grilling season?

On this final(?) day the menu featured bone-in chicken breast.

The chef said she sprinkled the raw chicken with smoked paprika, which promptly burned.

I said "Hey, blackened chicken breast . . it's a treat!" (Thank you, Paul Prudhomme.)

And, you know what?

It was great, giving a tasty sharpness to the chicken. We both liked it.

On the side potatoes gratiné made with store-bought shredded potatoes, some French cheese, cream, seasonings.

If it WAS the end of grilling season (for this year), it was a great way to go out.

(If it wasn't . . . what are you gonna do next?)

Thank you, chef.


Tom Cochrun said...

Sorry that your grill season is coming to an end. Fortunately in this Mediterranean climate, the season never ends.
Kinda like that Endless Summer concept.
BTW your sad face is a classic! You even conjured up a little resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe!

L Lewis said...

Bah! We grill in blizzards. Rick put a huge light (2 motions detectors) over the grill so nether rain nor snow nor dark of night will deter from grilling. Funny to see him wave his arm for motion to get the light to go back on!

joeh said...

I love me some BBQ chicken, bone in breast especially. I season, marinate in a store bought chicken marinade. Direct high heat for 10 minutes, indirect medium 15, then 2 mins, bbq sauce on each side. MMMMM. Probably as good as yours looks.

I will bbq in the snow...I don't know how to cook in an oven.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Our grill died, still need to get another.


Mich said...

I only stop grilling when it is too cold to stand outside for more than 5 seconds at a time. (Which, judging from the weather this past weekend, will be in the next few days.)

It's definitely not burned, it's blackened. Gourmet food that is.

Stephen Hayes said...

Now you've made me hungry and it's hard to concentrate.

The Bug said...

Yum! That looks great!