Saturday, October 10, 2015


Living in a household of two self professed "political junkies", I could not avoid the chaos and craziness playing out in Congress this week.

While the editorial cartoonist Horsey sees the so-called "Freedom Caucus" in the nation's House of Representatives as rampaging Huns or Visigoths, I could not help being reminded of the good old days of the John Birch Society. 

Back in the 1960's that group of far-right-wingers was running amok in politics and they were parodied by the Chad Mitchell trio in this catchy folk tune.

So relax, folks.

As always, this too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

Politics suck.


Tom Cochrun said...

Great trip down memory lane with Chad Mitchell. You know the John Birch Society had early roots in your hold stomping grounds in Hoosierland. By the time you were there as a reporter they had pretty much fallen into disrepute as a band of paranoid loonies. Guess that strain never really leaves the body politic eh?

Stephen Hayes said...

I'd nearly forgotten about the John Birch Society. I think I'll go back to forgetting about them. Happy Weekend.

Should Fish More said...

I lived in the hotbed of the JB in the early 70's...Grants Pass Oregon. On the freeway as one drove into town was a billlboard: "Get US out of UN!". It was an odd admixture of people at that time; a lot of 1950-style redneck racists, and a fair number of long-hairs trying to start communes in the surrounding forests. I saw all kinds come through the ER.