Wednesday, October 14, 2015



  1. I found myself comparing the performance to the republicans, but decided that was unfair.....the gop has set the bar so low that if the Democrats had simply exchanged pleasantries they would have looked good.
    I do so wish I thought Sanders had a better chance.

  2. The Williams and Mary Debate team gathered to watch the performance. NPR recorded their deliberations. They gave the debate by unanimous consent to Martin O'Malley.

    I think everyone was so busy watching for Bernie Vs. Hillary they missed the fact that O'Malley presented a credible presence-from out of no where.

  3. That was the best moment of the debate. Yes, O'Malley helped himself but he still isn't registering with voters. My wife recently saw a picture of him without his shirt on and she commented on his six pack. Maybe his campaign should have him taking off his shirt more.


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