Sunday, November 1, 2015


Yesterday being Halloween, a number of service employees around town wore their costumes to work.

For instance, this jungly mail carrier.

I don't know that giraffes wear sunglasses but never mind.

Here's a "wonder-ful" young lady.

A local hair salon had a number of costumed cutters.

And a grocery store yielded a few more.

This lady went all out with her princess dress and wig.

You may have noticed that all of the tricksters were women.

Well, not quite all.  There was this scary guy in the meat department.

As for trick or treaters last night, our doorbell only rang twice.


More candy for me!


  1. I only got 6. This is the end of trick or treat for us. Rick said if he was a kid he'd go to Granville, not Stoneridge.

  2. zero up in the canyon...the 2 neighbor kids were whisked away to a Halloween party. Then again it may have something to do with the local legend that our house is haunted.

  3. We were away, but at least they left no tricks!

  4. That meat department guy would have freaked me into going vegetarian---for a while.

  5. Let's hope there wasn't a new kind of meat being packaged by that guy.

  6. We had a goodly number - not as many as years past, but enough for Mike to enjoy :) We were especially excited to see a girl astronaut!