Saturday, November 28, 2015


I haven't said much about our Thanksgiving Day this year but it was wonderful.

Very quiet day of feasting with the BRD as our only guest.

We started with those goldfish crackers, in tribute to Julia Child.

(If you missed that reference, go back and read Wednesday's post.)

Some fine wines, courtesy of the BRD.

The main entree was a bacon-wrapped, stuffed pork tenderloin.

Actually two tenderloins wrapped around the sausage and cornbread and other breads stuffing.


Lots of good conversation, dining and family conviviality.

I heard from my friend, Baseball Steve, early in the day that he and his lovely wife, Debbie, were preparing to feed and entertain somewhere between 32 and 36 family and friends!

I couldn't imagine tackling that but he said the next day that it all went well and there weren't even any arguments or fights all day.


I was interested in hearing from a number of friends of the variety of dinner choices people had made.

From our pork tenderloin to grilled lobsters to grilled steaks to chicken to slow cooker turkey breast to deep fried turkey.

Quite a variety and I'm sure everything was tasty.

Surprisingly I got no decent pictures of our food from that day.

But I did sneak what I consider one of my best pictures ever of our guest.

Her hair has turned white over the years but I think it makes her more beautiful than ever.

And that's why I call her the BRD - the Beautiful Rich Daughter.


  1. Bruce, nice shot.


  2. Good report and beautiful photo. Glad it was a good day for you.

  3. Nice report of a Thanksgiving at its best.

  4. My mother had hair like that. Salt and pepper and then all white. She got compliments all the time. Your T-Day sounded great. We're lucky our lobster didn't give us food poisoning. Awful! We're thinking we'll go to Leff-T's today or tomorrow and have a decent meal to make up for it.

  5. Hard to imagine entertaining thirty people. It was just me, Mrs. Chatterbox and our son. Mom doesn't venture out anymore. And that is a beautiful picture of BRD.