Sunday, December 6, 2015


The BRD (Beautiful Rich Daughter), just returned from New Orleans, continued her glamorous, whirlwind trek through the hot spots of the world last night.

This time it found her on the streets of downtown Prescott, observing the annual Christmas lighting of the Courthouse Square.

She was joined by her coterie of gal pals and a few thousand other people jamming the streets (and saloons!)

Whew!  Not my kind of thing.

But, you go, girl!


Tom Cochrun said...

I suspect there was a time when it might have been your "kind of thing!"
Thanks for keeping us posted on the adventures of BRD. It's better than any reality television.

Stephen Hayes said...

That looks like a lot of people. No doubt a fun event, though.

Thérèse said...

Oh that's the follow-up! Not my kind of thing except when everything is over.

Steve said...

It has been an interesting trip with BRD. Who took the photos?

Catalyst said...

I suspect one of her gal pals.