Sunday, December 20, 2015


It occurred between 6 and 7 this morning.

A sudden snowfall that moved quickly through our area.

As regular readers of this blog know, there is a town down there. But it's obscured in a strange weather phenomenom called snow fog this morning.

Judging from my look-see around the neighborhood I don't think I'll need to use the garden hose for awhile.

This snowfall appears to be a very wet one, piling up on shrubs and bushes.

The Russian Rocketman Sage is covered nicely.

The white sun face appears to be enjoying it. I'm not sure about the other fellow.

Since we don't have a fireplace with a tall chimney on our house, Santa will just have to walk through the snow to the back door I guess.


  1. Good packing snow! Crunch! Crunch! on the walk before sunrise around 6:30. Reggie and I were the only ones out except for those pesky rabbits . . . in fact, it looked like everyone was still sleeping!

  2. Bruce, better you than us.


  3. I does look pretty, but then I don't have to shovel it. But I imagine it doesn't last long enough for the need to shovel.

    1. You're right, Stephen. A few hours later and it's nearly all gone.

  4. I'm so sorry for you! Though your pictures are lovely and stir memories. That's as close as we need to be to snow, your pictures and memories.

  5. I'm not sure I can ever remember a real white Christmas in NJ. Maybe we could move Christmas to around January 5th.

  6. At first glance, I thought that garden hose was a bear trap. Which made me SO in, "You have snow AND bears in Arizona?"

  7. Nice little dusting, my friend. If you want some practice shoveling, come on up, toddy hour is 7pm.