Monday, December 28, 2015


SWMBO and I have toned down our Christmas celebrating over the years.

It's almost a non-event anymore.

This year it involved a visit to the BRD's house for a couple of Bloody Mary's and a champagne brunch.

Only a few hours and then we were back home for naps and resting.

With a tiny exception for the BRD, we don't gift anymore.

We have decided we have everything we need. More than, actually, as we've begun divesting ourselves of old photographs and letters and other family documents that we've held onto and moved and moved and moved over the years.

We have become Senior Citizens.

How did that happen?

Back in a previous century when we lived in Mexico we would get together with our friends on the holiday for way too many drinks and a feast.

One year I wrote limericks for each of the participants. I think I still have copies of them around somewhere.

A number of those friends have died since that great party.

This is a picture taken at our going away party when we had decided to return to the United States, back in 1991.

Three nations are represented there: Germany, the U.S., and Mexico. Our ex-pat friends were an international group.

This is also a time for traveling among some of our blogger friends.

Tom and Lucy (who live in Brittany) made a several day trip to Iceland for the steaming pools and the Northern Lights and a ride on and a visit with some beautiful horses.

Dr. M and Dana Bug have just returned from a Caribbean cruise that took them to tours on several islands.

We don't do that kind of traveling any more although SWMBO has just left for a two-day visit with our friend, Diane, in the Big Valley.

(As I was writing this, I just had a telephone call from her. The car's tire pressure was low and I had told her to stop and have them pumped up. She called to tell me she now had the tires filled and to ask if I knew the horn honked when the proper pressure was reached. I did not and said "I'll bet you scared the hell out of the guy filling the tires."

She said he was startled and she told him "I'll bet you thought I did that," but another worker said that this car horn honks automatically when the proper pressure is attained.

You learn something every day.)

So I am batching with the cats for a couple of days.

Since I don't have a car I will probably stay in my snuggy new reindeer pants that I got for Christmas for the duration.

I know, I know, TMI.


  1. I enjoy doing less on Christmas, the memories are great

  2. You made me smile with the horn and as I just told my half sitting next to me, he told me that the tpms must have worked pretty well on the tire.
    The same for us: no present, just fun, good food and family and or friends when possible.

  3. Less is more as far as my husband is concerned about every holiday but especially Christmas. My parents were the type that did every holiday to the hilt, especially Christmas, well into their 80's. I'm not sure where I fall in between less or more. This year was less and it was enough.

  4. News to me about the horn and tire pressure. Don't think that's an option on ours.
    Your pj's look warm, which for your recent weather must be just right.

  5. All the best for 2016. Your posts are always read.

  6. I'm not the man I once was, and will never be again, but what the hell it has been fun.

  7. We had a great time on our trip, a... weird... time in NC & now we're back! I'm not leaving the house for a week!

  8. Moose pants are magical.

    We stopped playing "christmas" a number of years ago, and enjoy what little we participate in the madness greatly.