Sunday, January 17, 2016


Well the scene is set for the National Football Conference championship game next weekend.

Arizona vs. Carolina.

I just hope the Cardinals team that won quickly in overtime last night will meet the Panthers who went scoreless in the second half today.

Meanwhile condolences to the Packers and Seahawks fans.

There's always next year.

And special condolences to my Gentle Readers who have no time for sports.


joeh said...

I will be shocked if any of next weeks games come even close to the excitement of the games this weekend.

Jager said...

Who says we're gentle, huh?

Val said...

I haven't watched football in years, but I'll root for the Cardinals. Because they used to be OURS!

L Lewis said...

The only sports worth playing are the ones you play yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting on next year.