Friday, January 1, 2016


OMG! It's 2016. And only 312 more days of fretting over who our next President will be!

Can you believe people are actually beginning to say it could be Donald Trump?

But there are other more serious things to consider on this first day of the new year.

And there's that threat to our national security. (Don't try to deal with it if you've been drinking.)

Some people say our protection is not what it used to be.

Of course we still have our K-9 cops.

And our technology-challenged senior citizens.

If you begin to feel over-stressed in the new year there is one other solution.

But enough worrying about the new year.

Here, kitty-kitty.

I hope the year ahead is wonderful for you . . healthy, prosperous, and above all - - - full of laughs!


Should Fish More said...

Somehow the next to last one strike's a chord with me today. South, thousands of miles south...Happy new year.

Zhoen said...

The last one reminds me that the Dog Hero of the Year was a cat.

Happy news yearish!

Catalyst said...

And a big bravo to Tara!

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.


Sharon Anck said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning and Happy New Year to you too!

The Bug said...

I snorted at the patio umbrella one - ha!

L Lewis said...

These were the best! (Back to cleaning out the garage . . . )

Tom Cochrun said...

Cheers to you. All the best in this new year.

Val said...

Heh, heh! The iPod swatter!