Saturday, January 9, 2016


Amid dire predictions of a terrible winter storm with up to a foot of snow coming out way, here's what we got.

The pictures are from Friday morning.

There's your foot of snow. 

Looks more like maybe half an inch, at most, to me.

The only one who might have been bothered by the snowfall was this quiet Buddha.

But then he's trained to accept whatever comes along, isn't he?


L Lewis said...

Actually, many in the area did get over a foot of snow. I say we were lucky not to. Makes walking a lot easier without it and I'm out 3 times a day. Snow, however, is a much better form of moisture for Arizona landscape than rain. It melts into the ground slowly. Rain usually is a torrential downpour and is just run off. The ground is too hard to accept it that fast. I have been enjoying seeing the huge wrecker try to haul the tow truck out of Old Black Canyon Road's expansive soil. Never take that road when it is wet. I believe there are usually signs posted to that effect, but someone in a 4 wheel drive is always wanting to tear the road up. It's been a parade of towing and turnarounds the past few days.

Jager said...

Weather hype. The TV weather folks in Boston would often say, "Winter snow storm in Maine. Winter is on its way to New England." The snow would be in the far north of Maine, the part of Maine that's north of parts of Canada and further from Boston than Charlotte, NC. I never heard them say, "Sunny and 70 in Charlotte, looks like Indian Summer for New England." When it rains out here in SoCal the weather folks (women in spike heels, short, tight skirts and low cut tops for the most part) are orgasmic.

Tom Cochrun said...

Great photos. That is the way I prefer to see snow any more, in creatively shot scenes from afar. They are pretty and vivid enough I got a bit of a chill just looking at them. We've wimped out here on the California Central Coast.

Should Fish More said...

Parenthetically, if Jager's comment above has a shred of accuracy, our weather announcer needs a big time upgrade.
I see nothing but snow outside, for months. My lawn is under two feet of the stuff. So enjoy your version of winter.