Tuesday, January 19, 2016


About to board a train enroute to Salzburg, Austria in April of 1985.

A ticket taker at the Tower of London tweaked us about our bush jackets, commenting "On safari, are we?"

But they were very useful with their multitude of pockets.

We loved Salzburg, especially for the chocolate and for the coffee.


  1. It was our lunch spot when driving from Germany to Italy, and pastries were good too.

  2. My wife and I were staying at the Army hotel in Chemsee (I took wind surfing lessons) and from there a day trip to Salzburg. Nice city.


  3. Bush jackets are terrific for travel. I've got an old one that has practically circumnavigated the globe. It's companions, the safari vest probably got more wear as we were out in the wilds on our documentary shoots. Now it's my first layer as we hike in the Sierra. Again, lots of pockets.
    That's a precious photo of Judy, with the lace curtains and perhaps the cup of chocolate.

  4. And here I was admiring how dapper both of you looked.