Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I had lunch today with a former colleague of mine, the unforgettably unique and legendary Lew Ruggiero.

Lew was the assignment editor and a first class news reporter in the years that I worked as a producer at Channel 12 in Phoenix.

He has a brilliant mind that covers every subject from politics to television and radio.

We always have great conversations.

And because we're both long-out of the business, Lew for 10 years, me for a wee bit longer than that, we can talk with reckless abandon.

But those conversations are kept confidential between Lew and myself.

Our chosen lunch spot is conveniently located just about halfway between where we each live.

And they have great pie!


  1. Ah, two classics. Wish there were a podcast of your conversation.

  2. How cool! Good for you for keeping up with friends. I've always wanted to go in that famous pie shop! Lucky you!

  3. They'd better have great pie with that picture on the front of the building.

  4. Lew - Call him right now and tell him that I said, "Hello" -- only the best memories of you both xoxoxo

  5. Bet the conversations are great. Gave me an idea for a stage or screenplay. Old boys and girls come out of mothballs to run a news operation in this modern age of social media and gotcha.

  6. The best part of getting old, is old friends.

  7. I want some 98-year-old pie!

  8. I had lunch with my sister at Rock Springs on Friday and she told me about this post that I missed. I remember Lew very well. I always admired his reporting. (Actually is was breakfast we had. Apparently they have strict rules at the cafe. If you order before 11:00 you can only get breakfast.)


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