Monday, February 22, 2016


While brother Tom of Light Breezes was enjoying a gourmet meal, SWMBO and I were indulging in the kitchen and at the table as well.

Saturday, I made a Nigella Lawson recipe for Involtini which combines Greek and Italian flavors - thin eggplant slices rolled around a feta cheese and herbed stuffing, topped with tomatoes and mozzarella and baked.

Unfortunately, my camera stayed idle but here's a photo of Ms. Lawson's dish.

I fear her dish looks and probably tastes better than mine but then she's been cooking longer than I have.

Sunday's meal, prepared by SWMBO, was much better.

A chicken salad enlivened with candied ginger, apples, grapes, celery, green onions, celery dressed with a mayonaise-yogurt-apricot preserve sauce and accompanied by fresh-baked apple-oat muffins.

With the exception of the muffins, the master just threw that together out of her head.

And 60+ years of kitchen slavery.

I'm a rank amateur compared with those two ladies.


  1. I think Anthony Bourdain once wrote that his ultimate fantasy would be to cook wonderful dinner with Nigella, drink several bottles of fine wine with the fabulous food and then make passionate love with her in a king size bed with silk sheets. Wake up in the morning, make a fantastic breakfast and spend the rest of the day in bed with the beautiful Ms. Lawson. BTW, the Involtini looks and sound great.

  2. I don't think I've experienced this dish, and by dish I don't mean Ms. Lawson.

  3. Yummy. We may have to borrow that chicken salad inspiration!

  4. I don't usually care for eggplant in any of it's iterations, but this one sounds and looks excellent.

  5. ".....but then she's been cooking longer than I have." I think she's also had to slim down a little! Be warned. There are dishes and dishes!!!


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