Saturday, March 19, 2016

FAME (of a sort)

My old buddy, Baseball Steve, got his wish from this political season the other day.

He got a picture with Bernie Sanders.

Steve (on the right) and an audio guy had just shot an interview with Sanders by Rachel Maddow.

So the old shooter got a selfie out of it.

The two Phoenix guys look happy.

Sanders looks, typically, befuddled and as if the other two are holding him up.

Meantime, I had a little touch with fame myself recently.

The first week in March marked the 50th anniversary of the great blizzard of 1966 which slammed into North Dakota.

I was working as a radio-tv newsman in the state capitol, Bismarck, at the time and, after walking three miles to work through snowdrifts and white-out conditions, spent the next three days at the station, much of it on the air on radio and television.

A relative of mine who still lives in North Dakota saw that my old t.v. station would be doing special coverage of the storm and called to tell me about it.

I then emailed the station weather men and newscasters and asked if I could get a DVD of their coverage.

That resulted in them asking me if I would mind driving down to Phoenix and being interviewed for their coverage.

Since the station in Phoenix is also one I once worked at I was happy to oblige and the interview was done by a friend from my days there who is now their anchorman, Mark Curtis.

I since have received the DVD from Bismarck and after viewing it and seeing how battered my visage appears after all these years, I rather wish I hadn't agreed to the interview.


It's a fleeting thing.


  1. Yes, you were a fresh faced young newsman(boy) at KFYR TV. Be nice to roll the clock back and cross the street to the GP Hotel for a tall cool one served at the bar by Dallas the bartender or better yet, served at a table by the glamorous Cindy the barmaid, you remember her, her husband was in the pen. Can't remember for what though.

  2. Your friends were scammed! I'm pretty sure that is Larry David.

    I'll bet you were not wearing shorts in that '66 storm.

  3. My dad was stuck for 3 days in his car south of Grand Forks in that blizzard. We lived in Fargo at that time. It was a bugger.

  4. Gravity takes it toll on all of us.
    Steve looks like he might be auditioning for a running mate.

  5. Steve is channelling Mike Rutherford from
    70's edition Genesis...

  6. Not the best picture of Bernie, but still exciting.

  7. So are you going to share with us a snippet of your DVD and your interview? I'd love to see it. :)