Thursday, March 3, 2016


Today I made my third trip to the Big Valley in the past approximate two weeks.

First was the trip to the Stanley, North Dakota picnic in Mesa.

Then Monday I went to Phoenix for some t.v. business and a tour of the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Today it was Scottsdale, accompanied by SWMBO.

We made our annual visit to the Celebration of Fine Art, a very strictly juried show of about 100 artists from around the country.

The artists themselves are on hand for the two-month-long show and are happy to talk with attendees, as well as to sell their art if you're so inclined.

It is easily the finest art show I've ever attended.

From there we proceeded to The Vig at McCormick Ranch for lunch.

Judy had chosen it after seeing it featured on a local dining show on television.

We started with martinis from the beautiful bar with a mirror reflecting the stone walls next to our booth.

And then we chose our lunch from the appetizer section of the menu.

Believe it or not this plate of Nachos del Norte was an appetizer!

The plate of pork, refried beans, melted white cheddar cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, green onions, olives and sour cream over housemade tortilla chips easily filled both of us.

(Of course we had to accompany them with a couple of beers - a Guinness for milady and a Four Peaks Kiltlifter Scottish Ale for me.)

There is a wide wine selection at the Vig as well.

For dessert we chose one more item from the appetizer menu.

Oh, no, it wasn't only those scraps of arugula.

It was Medjol dates stuffed with goat cheese and smoked almonds, wrapped with bacon in a balsamic reduction sauce.

We loved the art show.

But lunch was beyond compare.


Jager said...

...and we're having lasagna for dinner. That was a lunch old pal.

Mich said...

Sounds like a delicious day!

Val said...

That is a plate of SUPER nachos!

Bill said...

Great taste in the appetizer and especially the beer.

Anonymous said...

Looks tasty.


The Bug said...

Whoa - that looks really tasty! And HUGE! I'll bet the Donald would love it :)

Stephen Hayes said...

Have you ever visited Frank Lloyd Wright's studio in Scottsdale---Taliesin West? A fascinating place if you're interested in architecture.

Catalyst said...

No, I haven't. We have toured Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti about 30 miles from here and his home in Scottsdale.

Sharon Anck said...

I love the Celebration of Fine Art and I love the Vig....two great choices. Thursday night I ended up on the Scottsdale Art Walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonight I stopped at a couple at the Burton Barr Library to see the photos from the Kids In Focus project. What a great bunch of work those little kids created.