Monday, April 18, 2016


It's not really a hot tip. 

I just wrote that to get you to look at this.

It is one of the Red Tip Photinia trees in our yard.

They are in full bloom right now.

The tiny white flowers look kind of like snowballs on the trees from a distance.

Up close you can see how delicate they are.

The flowers appear in early Spring and will last until late Spring or early Summer.

One of my neighbors has a variety that is kept well-trimmed for a hedge.

You can see from it why the plant is called the Red Tip Photinia.

The red of the plant provides a nice contrast to the green leafed tree behind it.

Kind of like Christmas in April, isn't it?


Jager said...

The only thing I know about flowers is I like to look at them.

Stephen Hayes said...

Those Red Tip Photinia must attract bees. If I were a bee I'd head straight for your yard.

Catalyst said...

They do! Their are hundreds, maybe thousands of bees on them during the flowering. But they left me alone.

Tom Cochrun said...

Beautiful photos. Spring is a magical time. Enjoy your views.

joeh said...

I like the red leaves.

Val said...

"Let it flower, let it flower, let it flower!" That's an idea for a Christmas in April carol.

Sharon Anck said...

Wow, that is a beautiful plant.

Lucy said...

We've got those too, though they rarely flower as abundantly as that. I love the colour they bring for so much of the year.

Thérèse said...

Something in common Bruce, we have what we call here "a live fence" surrounding our yard (about 280ft long) and among the species a couple of Photinias, they are the ones growing the fastest but the ones I like the most because of their color and their contrast with the green as you noticed yourself. Somzthing to enjoy everyday.