Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I know because of the many emails . . . well, one . . . I get asking about the owlets I photographed in the Home Depot about a year ago that you all want to know what's going on with our local bird life.

Well, I haven't been over to that Home Depot in awhile so I don't know if there is a new family this year or not.

But in keeping with this theme, I did photograph a house finch taking a wee sip at the bird bath this morning.

A much bigger bird, one of those Rufous Towhees also stopped by for a drink but your intrepid photographer was too slow/clumsy with the camera to get a picture of him.

I did catch a tiny Goldfinch a bit later taking a dip after his sip.

The goldfinches are very flighty (heh-heh) so it's hard to catch them with the camera and this one had his head and other yellow parts turned away from me and one wing flapping in the air so you might mistake him for some kind of weird sailboat.

You just have to take my word that he was a goldfinch until I can get lucky with the camera.

I put out the hummingbird feeder a few weeks ago and had visitors in less than a day.

It amazes me how they discover the feeder so quickly.

Are their memories really that good, do you think?

Meantime my old Mexican Macaw (that's a parrot to some people) patiently keeps an eye on everything.

In spite of his size the other birds don't seem concerned about him one little whit.


The Bug said...

Love the birds! I had a great birdbath sequence all ready to post, but then life happened... Maybe next week.

Tom Cochrun said...

The finches are like hummingbirds in that they are very difficult to get a shot of.

Zhoen said...

My scrub jays are back this year, demanding dinner every evening.

Jager said...

Sometime I'll have to tell you about my Raven experience in our old place.

Stephen Hayes said...

I was wondering, before you clarified, if the parrot scared off any of the real birds.

Catalyst said...

Do it!

Catalyst said...

Yeah, they are nervous Nellies.

Catalyst said...

I get one once in a while but they don't stick around.

Catalyst said...

We have ravens all over the place here. I'll be interested to hear your story.

Catalyst said...

Wait! You mean my parrot isn't REAL????

L Lewis said...

I bet that parrot keeps the mice at bay. I see a number of plastic owls on top of porch lanterns. My hummers stick around all winter. I have to defrost or dust snow off the feeder, but they are hardier than they look. If it gets really cold, I read that they will do a semi-h hibernation upside down like a bat sleeping and you are not to disturb them. I've been thrilled with a huge hawk in the front fountain every summer when it is really hot. After he leaves, it takes the birds a few days to venture back.

Sharon Anck said...

Where I live, they have one of those owl statues sitting on the roof presumably to scare of the birds. I've actually seen birds sitting on it. Those birds are smarter than you think.