Wednesday, April 13, 2016


As I watch the stories on television about tornadoes, floods, hail storms, lightning strikes, snowstorms, icy roads and whatever, I am glad I live in Arizona.

The winters where I live are never very cold.

For long.

The summers are never very hot.

For long.

Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, the Colorado River valley which forms the western boundary of the state; they all get very hot in the summers.

Flagstaff and the White Mountains can get a lot of snow and stay cold for a long time in the winters.

But where I live, at an elevation of 5,131 feet, the weather is much milder.

Nevertheless, from time to time, the sky does cloud up.

This was our sky yesterday afternoon.

It looks dangerous but SWMBO was doing some yard work and cut and pulled weeds right through it.

And the clear blue sky surrounded the clouds and occasionally broke through.

I know it rained somewhere but here there was just a light sprinkle, enough to make the street out front wet.

And the clouds eventually moved away and more blue sky took over.

We'll have some slight cooling over the weekend, down to the 60's and perhaps some light showers.

But the forecast says a week from today the mercury will climb once again into the low 80's.

Perfect weather for an aging Huckleberry Finn.


Jager said...

Altitude, like attitude makes all the difference.

Sharon Anck said...

I can say that the dark skies and rain didn't roll this way yesterday. But, Sunday was a different story. It rained on and off all day with lovely clouds much like these hanging in the sky. It was a beautiful day.

Should Fish More said...

I'm looking out the window at 3" new, wet snow. It was 70 two days ago, springtime in the rockies.

joeh said...

Even the weather listens to SHMBO.

Tom Cochrun said...

Sensational cloud shots. Looks like our "rainy season" is on the wane. So far we've had 18.65 inches on the ridge here in Cambria on the central coast. That's the most rain in 5 years.

Steve said...

Keep those toes dry.

L Lewis said...

Ah. Barefoot. I think I said at one point that I moved here so I could go barefoot at least 9 months of the year.

Stephen Hayes said...

Love those cloud photographs. They'd make terrific photo references for a stormy landscape painting.