Sunday, May 8, 2016


Gentle Readers, you've become accustomed to my interest in the birds of many feathers that visit the bird bath outside my den window.

Recently I had a hawk perch on the edge.

Once awhile back a big black raven did the same.

The Rufous Towhee and the finches and (SWMBO insists) the warblers are regular visitors.

But what to my wondering eyes did appear on this otherwise peaceful Sunday?

A REAL big  and perhaps strange bird.

I know it's a California breed but there also seems to be some Hoosier traits.

Yes, it's my dear old buddy Tom, the good-natured host of  the Light Breezes blog.

He's visiting from his home in California with his lovely wife, Lana, an artist and proprietor of her own blog.

Further photos of these two intrepid travelers will follow.


joeh said...

You're going to need a bigger bath.

Should Fish More said...

As Joe implied, I'd hope you'd let him use the guest bath.

Stephen Hayes said...

Tom does look like he's considering diving into that bird bath.

Anonymous said...

Is that the mighty California Hawk or the coastal dove. I think it is the coastal dove.


Sharon Anck said...

That is one very big bird!

The Bug said...

Ha! Fun times!

Jager said...

I think he bathed or is that a shadow on his shirt?