Sunday, June 5, 2016


As the temperatures hover in the upper 90's I am finding our bird bath more and more frequented by the birds of the area.

They come in all sizes, from the tiny Goldfinch above to the larger warbler below.

And the camp-robbing Jays are showing up more often now that they've learned about it.

Earlier in the week a Gambel's Quail approached it but then ambled away.

We've had the Rufous Towhee drinking and bathing in the basin.

We had a very surprise visitor one day with a hawk perched on the edge.

Mourning doves pay their visits.

And yesterday, just for an instant, there was a big-assed PIGEON who jumped up and cooled off his feet.

As I was grabbing for the camera he flew away so you have to take my word for that one.


  1. We had a woodpecker this morning! One of the hummingbirds has discovered our small fountain on the back porch at first light. I can hardly keep our ground level birdbath filled; the heat is dissipating the water pretty fast.

    A friend gave me Amazon Prime for my birthday. I was doing just fine with my 2 DVDs a week from Netflix in my mailbox. This does not get filed under 'simplify my life', which I am obsessively try to do. I'm not an online shopper nor do I want to watch movies 24/7. Why do people buy other people gifts that THEY would like? My mother was a great actress, gushingly effusive when someone gave her something she didn't like. When they came to visit, she would hurriedly put the item in a place of prominence. So glad I am from a more callus generation! So hard to live a simple life!

  2. Great shots of your busy watering hole. The Gambel's Quail looks like a punked out version of the California Quail. As for Rufous Towhee, he may be at the nearest blues bar.

  3. Our birdbath has been broken for a year (I suspect the pet turkey, but my husband blames my dog). We only have the post. Today, it occurred to Hick that he could find a top at the flea market.

    Nothing exotic like that Gambel's Quail around here. We had a pair of redheaded woodpeckers Friday evening, perched on the side of the pole that holds our dusk-to-dawn light (I've only seen them singly before), and I saw a red-winged blackbird last week. We do have hawks all over the place, and blue jays that sit on the back porch rail and steal dry dogfood.

  4. I'm sure the birds appreciate you providing a safe spot for them to cool off.

  5. A Pigeon? Wow.

    One of the nurses I work with had hawks nesting in her yard last summer. They loved the idea of it, but couldn't use their yard until the fledglings left. Some areas of town get a lot of quail. I've heard woodpeckers and mourning doves. And later in the summer the very fast hummingbirds.

    Are your jays like the Scrub Jays we get north of you?