Monday, June 13, 2016


Classic car shows seem to be a regular event in our car-crazy culture.

There was one in the parking lot at a local Sam's Club on Saturday.

This Purple People Eater had a modified radiator cap to scare people from getting too close.

The owner of another car may have had a tiger in his tank.

For sure he had one standing guard over his treasured vehicle.

The owner of this beautiful orange Camaro convertible had the original price sticker stuck in one window.

You could have driven this off the lot for less than five thousand dollars.

Remember this long sleek car from 1960?

It's the Chevy Impala.

I had a new one in 1961.

There was a classy looking red Jeepster.

It seems funny to me that a car from 1977 would now be considered a historic vehicle.

There were some older models.

This one supposedly belonged to a gangster who carried a big ball-peen hammer with him to enforce his rule.

After he got out of prison, so the story goes, he changed his ways and drove a Good Humor truck for the rest of his life.

An early low-rider!

This one was from 1923. 

(The car, that is.)

As I said at the beginning of this post, there seems to always be a car show going on in this area.

One of the owners displayed proof from a couple of years ago on his back.

His car, incidentally, was probably my favorite of the day.

As his fellow car owners would probably say: "Sweet!"


  1. I love those old car shows and never pass them up. That last one is spectacular!

  2. I had a '63 version of that Impala, black with red trim. A 348 that went out of tune every time I stepped on it. I managed to keep it for 3 months, after a summer's work for the USFS, then an ill-advised car race.

  3. I'd call these pretty darn snazzy!
    Thanks for the comment on my site today. I couldn't agree more. When I heard Trump's comments about Obama this morning I was truly dumbfounded. How can anyone support that man? He's a moron!

    1. What's even more scary is all the morons that support him.

    2. What's even more scary is all the morons that support him.

  4. That last one is one "sweet" ride. Love the design and craftsmanship.

  5. I had a '71 Camaro SS with a sticker price of $4509...imagine that! I wish I'd kept it. DOH! Of the ones shown I'm intrigued by the Willys Jeepster. I've never seen one in the flesh before. Looks like it was heckuva good show. Thanks for sharing.