Thursday, June 16, 2016


This was the home of Frank Berry in Faribault, Minnesota.

He was my great-grandfather, the father of my grandmother, Daisy Berry Taylor.

She gave birth to my father, Franklin Berry Taylor, and my uncle, Zenas Howland Taylor, in a room at the top of the house.

The window up there gave plenty of light.

This was Daisy.

When the two brothers, four years apart in age, had grown they were photographed in Stanley, North Dakota with their parents.

My mother, Hattie Loretta Hylland, and dad were married in 1927.

This may have been their wedding picture.

They were so serious!

I like this next one, which I call their Bonnie and Clyde photograph.

They honeymooned for several months on what was called The Cooper Ranch, south of Stanley.

Many years later someone shot a picture of the by then rundown and overgrown ranch house.

But when they spent that year there, apparently the days were idyllic.

Good times, long, long ago.


Tom Cochrun said...

Those "Good times, long, long ago," live again in those wonderful photographs. A nice glimpse into that era and your genes. I see the familiarity in you and that is one fine house. The year at the Cooper Ranch included some fun, if that photo is testament.

Should Fish More said...

The two of them look so happy in that last picture, it's a testament to the best times of us all, and hope that we all have them more than once.

Stephen Hayes said...

Love that last picture. They look so happy.

joeh said...

So nice to have those old pictures. They look like a happy the old three story house!

L Lewis said...

My mind is agog at the archives you must have.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.


Sharon Anck said...

What a great set of family photos. You bear a great resemblance to your mother I think. I love that last shot. They look so happy and carefree!

The Bug said...

I love these! That "Bonnie & Clyde" photo is fun - your dad looks like he's trying not to laugh :)

Zhoen said...

D'awww.... cute couple in love.