Thursday, June 23, 2016


Either the late 1980's or very early 1990's in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The then brown-haired, brownish-red bearded Catalyst and a new member of the family, the late and lamented new kitten Chulapay (Spanglish for Cutie Pie).

The picture was taken on our enclosed but open to the sky patio.

Chulapay used to climb up the wrought-iron window frames to the roof.

Once she disappeared for several days.

We posted pictures of her on utility poles and went around the neighborhood calling for her and asking people if they had seen her, to no avail.

Suddenly she appeared once again on our patio.

We assume she wandered over the adjoining roofs and got into someone's storage shed or closet without them knowing it and became shut in.

She refused to tell us where she had been.

This was a little later as she warmed herself under my desk lamp while supervising whatever I was doing.

She came back to El Norte with us in 1991 and survived Austin, Texas during which our apartment was flooded.

Then we brought her with us back to Arizona and she survived three more moves before she had to be put down.

We still remember her and I sometimes absent-mindedly call one of our two present cats by her name.

They just think I'm old and demented.


Tom Cochrun said...

Don't think we ever met her. Your post is a tribute to her though.
Do you think your cats are right? BTW, who will they be voting for? There's a guy out with a youtube video about his dog being a democrat. He's not happy but we figure it's a case of the pet being smarter than the owner.

Catalyst said...

We thought Chulapay was a Siamese until we found a picture that completely resembled her and it was a Tonkinese. My present cats MAY be right. And they will vote for Hillary or they're banished from the house!

Stephen Hayes said...

Our furry friends remain with us long after they're gone.

joeh said...

That's the trouble with cats, they never tell where they've been.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Very cute. Love the computer in the second picture.

Zhoen said...

Cats never tell their stories, but they don't mind what we call them. As long as it's not late for dinner.

Val said...

Pretty kitty. We had one who disappeared for two months. He never told, either. My husband thought he rode to town on the toolbox in the back of the truck, where he used to lay all day. However, when he turned up again, he did not look like he'd walked six miles. He did, however, have the odd habit of standing on his back legs and using his front paws to try and turn the doorknob. Somebody must have catnapped him and kept him inside.

The Bug said...

She's beautiful!,