Wednesday, August 3, 2016


SWMBO had grown tired of the small Red Tip Photinia bushes in our back yard.

She said they just look like blobs.

But she said they have a good bone structure and with her artistic ways something could be made of them.

So she got busy with her clippers and attacked.

The first result looked pretty good though some lower branches needed to be sawed off.

You can see the difference by comparing with the two smaller bushes behind it.

Another evening and they were also given their first trim.

The three now look pretty darned good, I think.

It's amazing what one can find under all that overgrown shrubbery if one knows how to look.

Meantime, the Rocketman Russian Sage continues it's explosive blooming nearby, much to the joy of the bees and the finches.

And the Gato azul (blue cat) entertains an occasional guest.

Just one big happy family.


L Lewis said...

Lots of folks trip up the bottom so the snakes can't hide underneath.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. SWMBO did a superb job.


Jager said...

Have her do your hair.

Catalyst said...

She's been doing that for years!

Tom Cochrun said...

I didn't realize SWMBO is such a topiary artist!

joeh said...

Perfect example of addition by subtraction.

Stephen Hayes said...

I like the trimmed look much better. Almost Japanese, which is my highest compliment for anything in a garden.

Val said...

Wow! Such a talent. She could have done that topiary in The Shining.

Thérèse said...

Fun in the backyard and a new career for SWMBO.
Have you seen this post about the Viktualienmarkt?

Nasreen Iqbal said...

They look much better post-trimming!

Judy said...

Those bushes do look artistic. The bunny might be wondering what became of the place he used to be able to hide in.

Catalyst said...

I had not but now I have and I loved it! Thank you!

Zhoen said...

We all need a bit of pruning now and again. Well done, her.