Sunday, August 7, 2016


What follows is a sad story for bird lovers.

A couple of months back I noticed one of those blasted mourning doves in the tree outside my window.

I chased him off but he/she returned to drink from the bird bath.

The weather was very hot and I figured he/she needed a drink as well as all the other birds so I stopped disturbing him/her.

A few days later I went out to refill the bath/fountain and the dove exploded out of the tree over my head.

When I had finished cursing him/her I glanced up into the tree and discovered a rudimentary nest.

Oh, no!

Just what I need.

A mourning dove nesting right outside my window.

I considered tearing it down but the soft-headed hearted SWMBO convinced me to leave it.

A week or so later, having watched the damnable dove return time after time, I espied a small egg in the nest.

Now I HAD to leave the nest and the dove alone.

Mother dove was there most of the time, sitting on her egg, and finally one day I saw a tiny bit of fluff where the egg had been.

Over the weeks I watched as the new baby or dovelet as I called it, grew slowly until it was nearing the size of its mother.

Both parents took turns coming to the nest, presumably feeding the dovelet, though I never witnessed that.

As I came out to fill the bath on a daily basis I would carefully peek up at the nest and soon the dovelet was staring back at me.

Unlike mother or father he showed no fear.

As I had been there for all of his life so far I guess he thought (if doves think) that I was just a friendly co-inhabitant of his space.

I put that to the test with my trusty camera but he/she still just treated me with curiousity.

And then, a couple of days ago, as SWMBO and I were sitting in our living room watching television, my wife suddenly got up and went to the door.

I heard her say "Oh, dear" and I got up to see what had alarmed her.

She pointed to the wall at the back of our yard and said "Is that a hawk?"

Just then it flew off, pursued by one of the adult doves.

She told me she had seen a large bird fly into the tree, then into the yard, up to the wall and away.

The hawk had taken the dovelet.

There were a few feathers scattered in the yard.

And that was the last we saw of my friend.

As both SWMBO and I agreed, it was sad but it is, after all, the way of life in the animal and bird kingdom.

I tore the nest down the same night and discarded it.


Anonymous said...

So is life in the wild kingdom.


Lowandslow said...


Should Fish More said...

I assume you'll get no end of 'poor dove' comments, so I'll email you a recipe for dove in garlic sauce....

Tom Cochrun said...

You have your own wild kingdom.

joeh said...

Just yesterday i saw a video of a bald eagle grabbing an ospreylette from a nest. Scary stuff.

Stephen Hayes said...

Sad as you say, but the law of nature dictates that everything needs to eat to survive. Glad I'm not part of the food chain.

Judy said...

We had a similar incident in our backyard. Well, hawks have to eat too, I guess.

Thérèse said...

"Laws of nature"
Sad story but you tried your best.