Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The mosquitoes around the Taylor manor have been vicious this year.

Normally I am the magnet while SWMBO seems immune.

But this year we've both been the victims of the nasty little critters.

I don't know if that's one of the biters or not in the photo above but I wasn't taking any chances.

The picture was taken through the glass of a sliding door as it lurked on the outside.


The Geezers said...

If this was the upper midwest, I'd call that a mayfly. But pretty sure its not a mosquito, in any case.

joeh said...

Smack it first, ask questions later.

Tom Cochrun said...

Maybe you need mosquito netting at the manor.

Stephen Hayes said...

It doesn't look like a mosquito. I also am a bug magnet. They can't seem to leave me alone.

Should Fish More said...

It's a variation of a mayfly, Ephemerella, the ones that hatch at this time of year are called blue wing olive, at least out west. I tie flies, and ones that mimic this catch trout.

Zhoen said...

I thought mayfly too, and would trust anyone calls 'emself Should Fish More on this.

You likely do have a lot more skeeters than usual, since you've had a lot more rain than usual. We are very shy of them, and it's been silly dry here.