Friday, September 30, 2016


Gentle Readers, (and I hope you are both gentle and readers) it is time once again for something important.

To celebrate AUTUMN!

Yes the cooler temperatures have arrived and yard work has returned.

But I'll try to keep you amused, at least for today.

There.  I think that's enough for today.

Once again I must express my sincere gratitude to all of my contributors whose sense of humor is as off-kilter as my own.

Tomorrow is October 1st so I want you to get out there and buy lots and lots and lots of candy for those upcoming Halloween trick-or-treaters who won't show up at your door so you'll have weeks and weeks and weeks of time to enjoy it yourselves!

(I love this time of year and its attendant fetes!)

But above all, Gentle Readers, have an exhorbitant weekend, such that you'll be the envy of your neighbors and always remember to keep laughing!

(And use lots of exclamation points.)

Here, kitty-kitty.

(Oh, for crying out loud, are you still fawning over her?)


Lowandslow said...

Ha! Love the old geezer at the Dr's office. "Eat well, don't smoke, don't drink, go to bed early....die anyway."

Stephen Hayes said...

You mean to say it's already time to rake my leaves into my neighbor's yard? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Cochrun said...


Should Fish More said...

wow, you do get the spam don'tcha.
good one's Bruce.
Thanks for the chuckles.

Catalyst said...

I'm not sure how they find me but they're gone now.

Zhoen said...

Hit this bunch outta the park.

joeh said...

We have to bag our leaves in NJ and then haul them to the curb...a royal pain. My old house backed to a commercial lot. On weekends I piled all my leaves on a tarp and dragged them to the commercial lot to save bagging and dragging. Yes I felt guilty, but they paid someone to dispose of them, I doubt they paid extra for my leaves. Still that first meme reminded me of my transgressions of old.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Funny in a painful way.

First: Damn you, Isaac Newton!

Then: After his stroke, my grandfather would nap with his arms across his chest. He looked like he was in a coffin.

Still, good ones.

William Kendall said...

Very funny!