Monday, September 19, 2016


I was just looking back in my blog and found this picture from November 2008.

Election night in Chicago with a new President-elect and his family.

I think, as President Obama's time in the White House comes to a close that he did a pretty good job for a man facing such opposition for eight years.


Tom Cochrun said...

History is always the arbiter of a Presidential administration's rating. Given the pile of stuff he was handed compared with where we are now, he's been successful. A wayward congress with partisan opposition, almost from the start, a caving world economy and the tension of the middle east were tall orders.
He screwed up going into Afghanistan again, he was too diffident in dealing with the political role, he could have been more political in his attempt to build congressional rapport, he should have outlined a medical reform bill instead of leaving it to Pelosi and Reid, two of the party's least effective congressional leaders, maybe ever, his seeking of leakers and his FOI policies were more draconian that George W, he should never have left Geitner and Summer into the economic council, he was inconsistent and inexperienced in several foreign policy areas including Syria, where he was almost inept. But he was elegant, historical, acted with class and dignity. We are probably more respected abroad than in a long time. Still, all in all, Joe Biden was better equipped and more politically savvy. BO had a great political team and David Axelrod was an electoral genius. I suspect he was also hamstrung by his race. He had to be sure that our first African American President acted with class and not as an angry black man with an agenda. He was in a tough spot. By way of comparison our last strong president who knew how to exercise power was LBJ. Foreign policy brought him down, but his domestic agenda was a lot more long lasting than BHO.

L Lewis said...

Ah, politics and religion. Never touch them.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Looking at this year's election, President Obama seems fantastic. Really, though, the family has handled itself well even if I don't like everything he's done. He's probably not at the top or the bottom of the list of best/worst Presidents, but I'm nostalgic for him already.

Sharon Anck said...

I couldn't agree more.

Stephen Hayes said...

Can't remember a president who faced more undo criticism than our current president. I think history will judge him kindly.

Zhoen said...

Agreed, I think history will appreciate him. Always felt he was doing his best. Whatever I may have disagreed with him on, I knew he really cared about the job. Proud to have cast my vote for him twice.