Saturday, September 17, 2016


I've had this picture in a standby file for months and decided to use it today.

When I posted it here and blew it up I noticed for the first time (I think) that there is a hummingbird zooming in on the feeder.

I'd never noticed that before.

When I cropped it down and blew it up further my suspicion was confirmed.

It appears to be a female Anna's or Black-chinned hummingbird though it's difficult to tell from this photograph.

It looks more like the Black-chinned because the female of the species doesn't have a black chin while the female of the Anna's does, strangely enough.

At least that's what the illustrations in my new bird guide show me.

For the first time I have a guide to birds found specifically in my area.

It's new and if you're in the Prescott area it's available at Jay's Bird Barn.

(Disclaimer: I have no connection with the store or the creator of the product.  Darn it.)


Anonymous said...

Nice unknown catch.


Tom Cochrun said...

These photo edit programs really help with wildlife shots. Happy birdding.

joeh said...

I didn't see it in the first shot until you mentioned it, then it could have been a UFO...colse up confirms it is a hummer, not a UFO. Very cool!

Stephen Hayes said...

It must be exciting to find a backyard bird in your book. I wonder how many different species you will be able to spot.

Tom said...

It's nice to have a hobby; no it really is! Particularly one where such obvious joy and satisfaction are accrued.

Sharon Anck said...

I do love watching hummingbirds hover around. We have quite a lot of them around where I live.

Lowandslow said...

How cool. They're so small they're easy to overlook. Good catch.

Val said...

We have a cone-shaped ceramic wind chime that somebody made and gave us for Christmas one year. It hangs on the front porch, and hummingbirds seem to think it's a feeder or a delectable giant flower.