Thursday, September 1, 2016


Looking back to the good(?) old days.

Who remembers . . .


telephones with a cord attached,

typewriters (and for that matter long hair and mutton chops sideburns),

BIG microphones and headphones for newscasters,

huge ham radio equipment,

looking at photos printed on paper and mounted in an album?

And who among you Gentle Readers remembers cursive writing?

And can still do it, legibly?

So many things from our past have been miniaturized, digitized, computerized or just lost altogether.

Can you remember?


L Lewis said...

My beautiful handwriting has certainly evaporated due to constant keyboarding. I miss photo albums. Looking at them was far more enjoyable than opening up jpg's in a folder on my laptop. I miss 'dime stores'. We had a lovely old wooden floor store where things were priced per piece and another one that had a soda fountain. No Walmart can compare to the wonder of those stores.

Catalyst said...

In my home town there were two drug stores across the street from each other. Amazingly in a town that small they both thrived.

Anonymous said...

We still use a phone with a cord. Here in Germany.


The Bug said...

I still have a phone with a cord - we use it in emergencies (as in, we're in the room with the phone with a cord when the phone rings - ha!).

Stephen Hayes said...

Yes, I remember. I remember first grade and our teacher starting us out with cursive letters. She started with the letter "S" and my name started with an "S" so I had to go to the blackboard first.

Val said...

You made me remember Glen Campbell with that second picture!

joeh said...

Never got a Telegram or used a ham radio, still have a phone cord, typed 30 wpm and we called it longhand.

Tom Cochrun said...

Wire machines were a great thing. A twitter stream properly pointed is a bit like that, but without the clatter of type and the alert bells.
I broke my hand in 6th grade when we studied cursive and I was forced by the teacher to use my left hand. She didn't give me a break. My left hand work looked horrible and was not refined so technically it was bad, but for cryin' out loud. (That phrase is probably a throwback as well.)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Oh yes! And I still have a corded phone, Hate the cordless ones. And use my landline phone much more than the mobile. So there!

Zhoen said...

I had a typewriter with a delay, saving me a large amount of typos. Terrible at typing. I LOVE word processing software, no need for white-out.

Not good at handwriting unless I go very slowly. My hybrid fast/clear print/cursive has improved with age, actually. Hated school penmanship, but I like art calligraphy.