Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It has been a week for visiting California.

No, not me.

Friends and a relative made the journeys.

The BRD went with some friends to Palm Springs and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights to the Coachella concert venue (dubbed Oldchella by someone with a sense of humor.)

What transpired was a superstar experience.

Friday night: Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

Saturday night: Paul McCartney and Neil Young.

Sunday night: Roger Waters and The Who.

That's Peter Townsend on the big screen.

The entire series will be repeated next weekend, in case you've got some ready cash lying around.

Though I expect the tickets are long since sold out.

The BRD arrived home last evening and this morning came down with a cold.

As she said, that's what I get for hanging around with 75,000 people!

So on to the second coastal trip, and this one really did reach the Left Coast, as it's sometimes called.

Our good friend, Diane, and her daughter went to Laguna Beach, a favorite haunt for many decades.

That's the beach and that's the ocean and that's the selfie to prove they were there.

And that's one of many sunsets they photographed on a day that was clear enough to catch a somewhat rare glimpse of Catalina Island in the distance.

Nice pictures.  Nice people.


Anonymous said...

The Stones, wish I was there.


Nasreen Iqbal said...

That would be really amazing. I can't imagine the cost, but still... the last big hurrah for the survivors of the rock era.

L Lewis said...

What a line up! Once in a lifetime chance.

Tom Cochrun said...

Cool-all the way around.

Lowandslow said...

Sounds like an extravaganza for sure! It sounds fun, but then the thought of rubbing elbows and no telling what else with 75,000 people doesn't exactly thrill me. I think I'll just read about here instead. Thanks. :)

William Kendall said...

Those sunsets are amazing!

Should Fish More said...

See the structure/condo's above them at Laguna Beach? We had dinner in one of those, looking down at that beach about 3 months ago.
We had our first real snow last night, 4" in the yard this morning.

Catalyst said...

I'd love to visit Laguna. I've seen a lot of California but missed that. I'm in no hurry to get the snow you were the recipient of last night.

joeh said...

That's a lot of talent!

WE used to go to Catalina often when I was really young. Fantastic place, a little paradise except I was too young to realize how nice it was...figured everyone went to places like that.

Sharon Anck said...

That sounds like quite a concert that would be fun to see and hear. It's the 75,000 people that sort of puts me off it. I'm not very fond of large crowds. Laguna Beach is where I visit with my friends Julie and Dave every August. Their time-share is actually located in Newport Coast but it's closer to Laguna than it is to Newport.

Zhoen said...

Lovely beaches. The concert sounds great, but I don't stay up that late anymore.