Friday, October 28, 2016


So smile already.

There are only 11 days remaining in this year's election cycle in the U.S.A.

Then we can count the votes, cheer or cry, and get going on the 2020 campaign!

In the meantime . . .

Oh, thanks for reminding me.

Wait, you didn't remind me?

Then who was that breathing behind my shoulder?

Uh, oh.

Yeah, Halloween is coming.

Once we get rid of the trick or treaters and eat all of the candy we hid from them, we can begin preparing for the Super Bowl of Over-Eating . . . Thanksgiving!

Oh, man, I've told those guys to stay out of the driveway or I may have to plan a pig roast.

But before all of those culinary holidays roll around, let me encourage all of you Gentle Readers to have a truly "special" weekend, thanks once again for all of your contributions to my weekly humor post and always . . . . . ALWAYS . . . . . remember to keep laughing.

Here, kitty-kitty . . .

Uh-oh, he must have heard me talking about those javelinas.


joeh said...

I like the witch one. Well I like tht one best,all good.

L Lewis said...

Great bunch! I liked the phone tails. Some people are so clever.

Anonymous said...

Again, funny stuff.


William Kendall said...

One of my friends lives in Arizona, and occasionally has javalinas paying a visit to her property.

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for launching my weekend with laughter.

Val said...

Now I am going to have javelina nightmares! Which some people may find funny.

Tom Cochrun said...

The phone portrait is great!

Lowell said...

Now I'm confused. I saw some old guy in the mirror this morning, just like that old lady did. Must be the mirrors these days - probably all made in China. Love that last pic. Do cats like bacon?

Lowandslow said... how many kids ARE in a kids meal? ;)